2nd one! Double twice!

So this time, trying to stay musiccy and positive. Need to get out and meet a million more musicians, it’s called networking but that’s such a dirty word!! Makes you feel all slimy n that, so I’ll just call it…making new friends… much nicer right?!

Working on some visuals for the next Bilamie gig at The Gunners pub in Highbury, London. I want them to be relevant to the songs lyrical content if possible, needless to say I bought a Frankenstein suit and that should hopefully come into play at some point. I should clarify, we use a projector at our gigs, trying to create more of a show and an atmosphere etc.

I’ve had this blog since 2005 and completely forgotten about it!! Had to delete the old posts coz they weren’t relevant to the music maaaaan.

I have ideas, of online livestreamed gigs n such. I shall continue cognating it and get back to you.

Planning on going to an open mic this Thursday, should probably check with the organiser that it’s still on etc. Web’s just finished a gig in SPAIN the little sod…am well jel, and yet well proud at the same time, conflicting emotions are beautiful aren’t they?! ;-D

I have sent another vocal to DJ Effektz and he’s once again produced a wicked DnB track which I shall link to in the near future!! Deliciousness maximo!

Brap brap


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