4th one for the first time!

JOYyyy,  I’ve had to put my blog on a new WordPress site because for some reason my old one wasn’t working as a widget on my new website…Hopefully the issues are SOLVED now so normal service can resume.

I’m sat here listening to some of the cheesiest and most beautiful 80’s pop songs EVER.  I love them, there’s no getting away from it.  I’m listening on Spotify.  The weird thing about Spotify is that I love it, even though it’s blatantly ripping musicians off left right and centre, I like having free music.  It’s £5 a month I think because I don’t like the adverts but still…cheap as chips!!  I love discovering new music.  I have an app on my phone (it’s a Windows phone but don’t tell anybody)  and it’s like Last.fm basically.  You pick one or a few artists you like listening to, and it suggests similar artists.  Am finding music I never would have found before…Maybe it will make me buy an album one day?  Or even a song?  I can’t say at the moment…I’d like to think that being a musician I’d have a bit of empathy with other musicians, I’m a child of the Napster boom though, it gave us all the wrong idea!!

ANYHOO.  So me and Web finished the album!!!  Not TOTALLY, totally but just needs to be mastered now.  Then it’s artwork.  Then it’s cd duplication.  At the moment we’re looking at giving it away for free…YES FREE, as a download on tinterweb…full quality n everything!  we’ll be selling the hardcopy though…it costs us money to make it!  Seems fair to me.  Everything’s still to be decided properly though.

We did a really good gig the other day for the Fearless Females night.  Loads of mates came, we were really well received and we met some really lovely musicians as well as hearing some really good music!!  WIN!

I need to fashion a projector screen.  Am going to get a black sheet (black sheet for a projector?!? MADNESS I HEAR YOU SAY!)  it worked at the last gig but it may be because the room was also dark, not sure how well it would work in a lighter room…We shall see.

I bought a box of safety pins in case the room we’re playing in has a curtain we can pin it to…I have…a cunning plan, to create small plastic discs which I will sew onto the corners of the sheet…and probably the middle of one edge.  Onto these discs we can place either blu-tack, or what may be stronger, those double sided sticky pad things…if you get the right ones they’re WELL hardcore…  I’m so lazy…  this has to be done before the next gig though as I know for sure they have neither projector nor screen.  Me and Web call these “Bila-challenges”.  You can pretty much just put Bila on the front of anything and it can be related to whatever we’re talking about…This Bila-story for example, or the Bila-sheet I’ll be making.

This post has gone on too long!!

Adios amigos!  Till next time!  xxxx


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