First one!…for the second time…

This week I ar been mostly working on things to do with Bilamie! Deliciousness.

Me and Web don’t always agree in the mixing room, there’s more often than not tense silences, crying and banging fists on the wall melodramatically but now it seems this period may be past us! It seems to me like we know better how to work together now. Maybe that’s just me chillin’ the eff out though…not sure. Either way things are going really well with the debut Bilamie album!

There’s one song though…one song, It’s called Mirroring…I was given the song, it was a Web production in the first instance, and I basically turned it on it’s head and made it a hot mess… A hot mess that pleased me however…but unfortunately not Web. This song’s being left till the end to be ‘dealt with’ as we shall eventually see fit.

We released our first song from the album, mostly just to have something to show prospective people we can get gigs from etc but it’s called Friendly Fire and it can be found at

We’ve been recording and mixing this album for the past year pretty much so it’ll be nice to finally get it out all pretty with artwork. It’s due out sometime before Christmas. Excitement!


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