Brave New World ‘n’ that

Hello again!

We have another gig coming up!  Apparently it’s more of an open mic kindof affair than a proper gig but we’re still gonna go there and give it a million and 1 percent etc…no harm no foul.  I printed off some cd’s we can sell for £2 that have 4 tracks on… 50p per track!  that’s not even counting printing and cases!  Seems fair to me.  Also been looking at a bunch of merchandise…been thinking about putting out our album on USB Wristband… sounds FRIGGIN ACE to me!  As well as CD.  A lot of stuff depends on cost etc.

I recorded a vocal for a DJ called Beatman (real name Stefano).  I was introduced to him by Web and it took me like 2 months to get round to actually recording it but I think it was alright.  If anything comes from it I shall for sure be linking to it on this here site here!  I warmed up singing karaoke for half an hour beforehand and it REALLY improved my performance over the previous attempts I made.  My favourite karaoke tracks are 90’s based I think, I’ll sing anything I know the melody too though, and sometimes the ones I don’t…and then I stop halfway through and change it.

You can really work on certain areas of your voice though just by picking different songs.  Bit of Kate Bush for head voice (If you’re feeling adventurous), a really good one for blasting in high chest voice is Taylor Dane’s – Tell it to my Heart.  My singing teacher at uni, who’s kindof more of a mate these days, would tell me that a warm-up is not supposed to sound good, and that you shouldn’t push your voice too much during a warmup…You’d think it was self-explanatory, not to my little self though, at least I know now though.

Am learning more about human interaction and stuff, like, which battles are worth fighting and which should probably just be left, assuming it’s not really worth fighting about.  Am not very good at deciding though…  Learning slowly I guess.

I wrote a melody for DJ Effekttz sometime ago and I’ve decided to pad it out with my guitar so I can play it live at open mics etc.  This song is at 175bpm though because it’s Drum and Bass!  I mean like…that’s FAST for me to play to!  Start slow and get faster as you get more used to it.  That’s the plan anyway!  I get really bored really quickly if I can’t do something but if you don’t persevere you’ll never do it!

I nearly threw my printer in the bin the other day because it’s been p**sing around!  My iMac did a driver update and all of a sudden my printer can’t print because I use compatibles…HOLD ON you might say, STOP BEING A CHEAPSKATE AND BUY GENUINE INKS…  Well you’re WRONG  I say.  TEN YEARS, I’ve always used compatibles…  TEN YEARS and they haven’t let me down yet!!!  I know my warrantee’s void…I know this!  My choice is compatibles because the price is so damned expensive for genuine!  Anyways, I printed the cd’s off.  So that’s what matters.  😀

Toodle pip for now xxxx


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