3 gigs, 1 week

So last week I did THREE DIFFERENT KINDS OF GIG…  Tired now.

Gig 1: was a Bilagig at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall.  Really lovely crowd, the organisers were super nice to us.  The sound was alright as well which was nice.

My first experience taking the mailing list round, got a little shock when I asked someone if I could interest them in signing our mailing list after our gig…she just looked at me and said ‘no, sorry’…I was a bit taken aback…my old drummer used to go round and do all the merch stuff in my previous band and we’d discussed about how you have to have mile thick skin to actually do it…So many people can be rude…

The lass in question wasn’t an ay-hole I was just a bit shocked coz she’d been jigging along during the gig and looked like she was getting into it…ah well, you live, you learn.  Kinda made me just want to sit down and shut up though afterwards but I think maybe next time we can just tell them it’s there if they want to sign it…maybe…

It’s useful to go round talking to people though, and there was lots of people there who were very complimentary and did sign up for us to tell them about gigs etc.

Gig 2: was a drag king gig!  I do enjoy my drag gigs.  It was at my fave drag night in London BOi BOX at She bar in Soho.   I dressed as Guy Fawkes (which was lucky considering it was Bonfire night) and apparently there was some discussion in the room about whether I was showing love for the pilgrims at thanksgiving (right era anyway) or if I was infact a leprechaun (it’s definitely feesible either way!)  I did explain that I was Guy Fawkes though.  Then they knew.  I did Boom, Shake the room by Will Smith and I got a good response so that was nice.  The place was packed which was extra spesh.  No doubt I shall whack some pics on soon.

Gig 3: was actually an open mic night.  I went with my good friend and we both took a turn at doing 3 songs a piece.  The host was lovely and there was some REALLY talented people there…you don’t get that at every open mic…  We’re all just expressing ourselves though, so judging one person by another is never really a good idea.

Kindof made me think like, open mic’s are really good places to meet and support other musicians.  I’d say about a quarter of the audience was actually musicians that were getting up to play.  It was nice.  I get annoyed when people leave straight after they’ve played.  Didn’t really suffer from that on this night though.

It was at the Victoria pub in Highgate.  Good night.

Recommended by the je.  That was totes French.

Time to get the onesie on!

Bonsoir mais ami!  Till the next time. xxx


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