3, 2, 1 – you’re back in the room

Back once again!  I am clearly the renegade master!

Musicalness news…  Bilamie is no more.  We’re still going to release the album in a couple of months once we’ve had it mastered.  Musical differences, etc, etc.  Move on. Everyone’s happy.


Not really done too much over the Christmas period.  Thinking now I can concentrate on getting my vocal chops up and sending vocals to producers…kinda like what Sia does.  I think she’s AMAZING…  Another lady I like is Peaches, she’s friggin awesome.  I’d like to think I could be as daring as her musically…I wonder if she writes all on her own, I’ll bet she does…  Writing alone can be daunting because it can be nice to have someone to do it with…  but then again I’ve written songs on my own for a VERY LONG TIME so it’s a case of having the time and inclination.

Am debating starting a rock band.  I have some members lined up…a drummer is elusive though…not for lack of actually knowing them though…I know plenty…they’re just all busy and/or taken.  tbh bands are a bit like hard work anyway.

Am looking at doing live vocals at dance shows and things…I think I’d like that.  All I have to carry with me is my voice.

Looking at doing a couple of studio software courses.  Might be good.

Short and sweet(ish) this week.

All the best lovelies!  Let’s get back on that horse shall we!?  😀


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