life is a cabaret old chum…life is a ca-ba-retttttttt *jazz hands*

Back on the drag king train in the next couple of weeks!  it’s FOLKLORE themed at the next Boi Box featuring my ever so talented drag mum and dad Apple and Adam…they’re so gorgeous!

I’ve been getting all my costume together.  I’ve chosen to go as Gandalf coz Mr Tumnus/fawn was already taken.  Doing a medley so having to put together the songs on a music editing program.  Am going for MAXIMUM COMEDY with this one.  I decided that if I laugh at myself just thinking about the absurdity of it…other people will also laugh too…That’s the theory anyway.

Sometimes it helps to re-evaluate..things…life generally but definitely as a musician.  Concentrating on the good things and doing the things that make you happy.  PEE EM AYY….  get in my belly.  😀

Not much to say this time.

Catch you on the flipside!



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