and so, to bed….

But not really, coz I’m at lunch, at work on my computer.

Today is a day for sorting.  Websites, and holidays, and other things.

Musical holidays!  I managed to wangle a ticket to Glastonbury but unsure yet as to whether I’ll actually go.  My work goes in cycles and summer is the BIGGEST session we do…which means I’m intending to leave them for a week at their busiest period…might not happen…ah well though. Save me a bit of money.

Myself and a friend are looking at putting a band together!  I am secretly excited.  Started writing new songs and everything.  It’s going to be a lot more rock and roll than Bilamie was.  Fingers crossed etc etc.

Hoping the Bilamie album’s still coming out in March.  Who knew music was so much waiting?!  Patience is definitely a virtue.

Boi Box was amaze…natch… my drag dad Adam All was THE MOST AMAZING FAWN IN EXISTENCE…and my drag-mum Apple was a fairy queen who conversed with the crowd in Elvish!  I was mildly pleased with my Gandalf costume, mildly.  Here are the photos by the incredibly talented and delicious Emma Bailey.

More when more’s abound!



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