Inspiration and ting

Ok so, writing new songs, going back to my rockier/blues/funk roots which is slightly wonderful!

There’s points where I get completely bored of just playing guitar and singing, I definitely need more sound in what I’m doing live to get satisfaction.

It’s weird because I’ve been writing my songs recently and when I’m writing a part I’m like FUUuuck so that’s why that’s in my head…for example I wrote a line that reminded me of car wash by Rose Royce but I don’t think you could see that influence in there because it’s a completely different style.

In a Bilamie song that’s coming on the album there’s a guitar part that’s MASSIVELY influenced by the guitar part in El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel.  That kindof reverby, drowned, spanish guitar sound.

My uni singing teacher spoke to me once about having a musical tree that we descend from.  So everything we listened to when we were young formed us as musicians, so when I look at it, and how my voice is made up, early on – there’s Michael Jackson, more than a pinch of Alanis Morrisette, some Gary Barlow (for my sins, I was a big Take That fan when I was young, not so much now).

Later on I took to studying singers in more detail, and on purpose, so for example I looked at Aretha Franklin because her voice is effortlessly powerful, as well as Kate Bush for the high end and Kate’s song structures and arrangements are just, amazing.  I ALMOST FORGOT BJORK!  WHAT THE HELL?!?!  Bjork is vocally SO amazing…and her songs are intricate and groundbreaking.  She’s an absolute genius.

That’s just my tree for vocals!!

Songwise we must be influenced by EVERYTHING we EVER hear!  Guitarwise I’m not sure, because I don’t consider myself a guitarist, although I am to some degree.  I heard Jimi Hendrix when I was very young but I thought he sang like he was in slow motion, I later learned to appreciate him though.  Prince is a REALLY good guitarist and influence of what I’d like to be able to do – I can’t linke but check out his guitar on the song When you were mine – s**thot!

So when people ask what you’re influences are…how do you give them an answer that’s correct? WElllll…..I guess that’s why we have the old adage of…I like a bit of everything.

Peace out peoples!



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