A bunch of stuff


Writing a new song, finished my first new tune already so on to the 2nd one now 😀 .

It helps to have a reason to write, a reason like having a band for example, makes a nice kindof pressure that you have to be creative.  Just to be clear, I haven’t got a band yet.  Still shuffling round and trying new/different people out.

Personality and talent.  Two most important things IMO.  I don’t really care if you’re good if you’re an asshole, but if you’re not very practiced no amount of smiling’s gonna make you better.  If I don’t practice I am SO rusty…it shows really quickly.

Am getting into the way of thinking of, ok let’s write, but let’s also feel it so that the performance is natural and not forced.  I could churn out guitar parts and vocals but it doesn’t mean I feel them.  I get issues thinking too much what other people will think when they hear something, no offence but I don’t make my own music for other people.  I can jiggle it a bit so that it’s perhaps more palatable but then where does it end if you’re constantly thinking about someone elses jollies and not your own?!

The Bilamie album will be out at the beginning of April.  It’ll be finally f**king FINISHED… el joy! (That was Spanish btw)

In other creative news, I’ve been making woolly gloves!  YISS…for hand-warm-keeping-ness.  Crochet shamon.  Very relaxing but like, once you start a project thats most of your day gone till it’s finished.  LOVIN’ it though.

Last Boi Box photo album is here. And we were all pilots.  and it was fun  😀




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