Ola people of the web!

Lots going on at the moment…  which is nice.  I just got a new guitar pedal that makes the guitar sound like one of a variety of classic organ/keyboard type things.  It’s an Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine…  MAN I love Electro Harmonix pedals!!! I also have another one of theirs called a Voice Box which makes it sound like robots are singing with me!

Excitement would be an understatement for sure!

The C9 will be getting it’s first run out this Monday evening at…BAND PRACTICE…  FLIPPIN ECK.  I found a band!  Or rather they mostly found me, via the magic of my advert on Gumtree… It’s nice to be jamming again and doing music I like!

Sat here, alternating between listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and rehearsing songs for a family friends wedding that they’ve been lovely enough to ask me to sing at..that and am a cheap bet!  All I require is feeding and a train ticket…  I bought a dress and everything…  like what a lady might do!

I did two drag gigs this week…TWO…they were both really good.  Really good excuses to get ROWDY that is 😀

Lots coming up in the next few months, will type again when next I get inclination.



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