Monkeying around and other such foibles


My new band is called Ingrate Apes and we’re going to have a website REAll soon.  We’ve got about 6 songs so far and we’ll be recording a demo within (hopefully) the next couple of months.  I’ve been designing the logo and am pretty happy with it, just need to get opinions from the fellas.

The band is made of James Couldrey on bass, Mehraj Alamgir on electric lead guitar and Soufi Orsini on drums, oh and me on voclay We’re trying to jam once a week at the minute but life seems to get in the way on occasion.

I like to describe what we’re doing as a cross between californication era Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie and No doubt.

It’s drag night again on Thursday!  It’s Nautical themed and I’m going as  a pirate.. Got my inflatable parrot and hook hand ALL READY TO GO!!  FTW.

Pics to follow or I will indeed…gtfo.


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