Time Flies!

Well howdy there pardners!

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you, without this blog to step to, step to, step to…

In truth, I’ve been trying to ‘do’ and not ‘say’.  Ingrate Apes is going quite well and I didn’t want to jinx it tbh.

Our first demo is full on recorded and in the process of being mixed.  We’ve been recorded by a lovely chap called Ben This is his band.

APES LOGOThis logo is the first draft of the one for our band!  It may change but here it is in it’s raw form.

We have our first gig on the 19th of January!  it’s at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane, East London.  Exciting times indeed!

We have a new guitarist.  He’s a lovely fella, name of Nick, Italian, nice bloke, WICKED at face melting lead guitar parts which is obviously a complete bonus.

With this I’ll say adieu!


Monkeying around and other such foibles


My new band is called Ingrate Apes and we’re going to have a website REAll soon.  We’ve got about 6 songs so far and we’ll be recording a demo within (hopefully) the next couple of months.  I’ve been designing the logo and am pretty happy with it, just need to get opinions from the fellas.

The band is made of James Couldrey on bass, Mehraj Alamgir on electric lead guitar and Soufi Orsini on drums, oh and me on voclay We’re trying to jam once a week at the minute but life seems to get in the way on occasion.

I like to describe what we’re doing as a cross between californication era Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie and No doubt.

It’s drag night again on Thursday!  It’s Nautical themed and I’m going as  a pirate.. Got my inflatable parrot and hook hand ALL READY TO GO!!  FTW.

Pics to follow or I will indeed…gtfo.


Ola people of the web!

Lots going on at the moment…  which is nice.  I just got a new guitar pedal that makes the guitar sound like one of a variety of classic organ/keyboard type things.  It’s an Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine…  MAN I love Electro Harmonix pedals!!! I also have another one of theirs called a Voice Box which makes it sound like robots are singing with me!

Excitement would be an understatement for sure!

The C9 will be getting it’s first run out this Monday evening at…BAND PRACTICE…  FLIPPIN ECK.  I found a band!  Or rather they mostly found me, via the magic of my advert on Gumtree… It’s nice to be jamming again and doing music I like!

Sat here, alternating between listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and rehearsing songs for a family friends wedding that they’ve been lovely enough to ask me to sing at..that and am a cheap bet!  All I require is feeding and a train ticket…  I bought a dress and everything…  like what a lady might do!

I did two drag gigs this week…TWO…they were both really good.  Really good excuses to get ROWDY that is 😀

Lots coming up in the next few months, will type again when next I get inclination.


Schminky Pinky

YO YOOoooOOooo This link right here would be a Bilamie album yes it would! We finally got it finished and so here it is in all it’s ‘glory’. I’m singing and playing electric guitar on it as well as doing a bunch of mixing and producing.  Myself and Web Sheldon split the duties 50/50.

I might have things to say later but for the moment that’s all the news I have!

Am debating getting a drag king ‘showreel’ together…  Things to work on include…  that, basically.

I just sorted out my glastonbury provisions (Spectacles, testacles, wallet and watch stylee)  Although I actually have none of these things to take with me, maybe sunglasses.  Mustn’t forget the rum either!  precious, precious rum! Peace out campers!

A bunch of stuff


Writing a new song, finished my first new tune already so on to the 2nd one now 😀 .

It helps to have a reason to write, a reason like having a band for example, makes a nice kindof pressure that you have to be creative.  Just to be clear, I haven’t got a band yet.  Still shuffling round and trying new/different people out.

Personality and talent.  Two most important things IMO.  I don’t really care if you’re good if you’re an asshole, but if you’re not very practiced no amount of smiling’s gonna make you better.  If I don’t practice I am SO rusty…it shows really quickly.

Am getting into the way of thinking of, ok let’s write, but let’s also feel it so that the performance is natural and not forced.  I could churn out guitar parts and vocals but it doesn’t mean I feel them.  I get issues thinking too much what other people will think when they hear something, no offence but I don’t make my own music for other people.  I can jiggle it a bit so that it’s perhaps more palatable but then where does it end if you’re constantly thinking about someone elses jollies and not your own?!

The Bilamie album will be out at the beginning of April.  It’ll be finally f**king FINISHED… el joy! (That was Spanish btw)

In other creative news, I’ve been making woolly gloves!  YISS…for hand-warm-keeping-ness.  Crochet shamon.  Very relaxing but like, once you start a project thats most of your day gone till it’s finished.  LOVIN’ it though.

Last Boi Box photo album is here. And we were all pilots.  and it was fun  😀



Inspiration and ting

Ok so, writing new songs, going back to my rockier/blues/funk roots which is slightly wonderful!

There’s points where I get completely bored of just playing guitar and singing, I definitely need more sound in what I’m doing live to get satisfaction.

It’s weird because I’ve been writing my songs recently and when I’m writing a part I’m like FUUuuck so that’s why that’s in my head…for example I wrote a line that reminded me of car wash by Rose Royce but I don’t think you could see that influence in there because it’s a completely different style.

In a Bilamie song that’s coming on the album there’s a guitar part that’s MASSIVELY influenced by the guitar part in El Condor Pasa by Simon and Garfunkel.  That kindof reverby, drowned, spanish guitar sound.

My uni singing teacher spoke to me once about having a musical tree that we descend from.  So everything we listened to when we were young formed us as musicians, so when I look at it, and how my voice is made up, early on – there’s Michael Jackson, more than a pinch of Alanis Morrisette, some Gary Barlow (for my sins, I was a big Take That fan when I was young, not so much now).

Later on I took to studying singers in more detail, and on purpose, so for example I looked at Aretha Franklin because her voice is effortlessly powerful, as well as Kate Bush for the high end and Kate’s song structures and arrangements are just, amazing.  I ALMOST FORGOT BJORK!  WHAT THE HELL?!?!  Bjork is vocally SO amazing…and her songs are intricate and groundbreaking.  She’s an absolute genius.

That’s just my tree for vocals!!

Songwise we must be influenced by EVERYTHING we EVER hear!  Guitarwise I’m not sure, because I don’t consider myself a guitarist, although I am to some degree.  I heard Jimi Hendrix when I was very young but I thought he sang like he was in slow motion, I later learned to appreciate him though.  Prince is a REALLY good guitarist and influence of what I’d like to be able to do – I can’t linke but check out his guitar on the song When you were mine – s**thot!

So when people ask what you’re influences are…how do you give them an answer that’s correct? WElllll…..I guess that’s why we have the old adage of…I like a bit of everything.

Peace out peoples!


and so, to bed….

But not really, coz I’m at lunch, at work on my computer.

Today is a day for sorting.  Websites, and holidays, and other things.

Musical holidays!  I managed to wangle a ticket to Glastonbury but unsure yet as to whether I’ll actually go.  My work goes in cycles and summer is the BIGGEST session we do…which means I’m intending to leave them for a week at their busiest period…might not happen…ah well though. Save me a bit of money.

Myself and a friend are looking at putting a band together!  I am secretly excited.  Started writing new songs and everything.  It’s going to be a lot more rock and roll than Bilamie was.  Fingers crossed etc etc.

Hoping the Bilamie album’s still coming out in March.  Who knew music was so much waiting?!  Patience is definitely a virtue.

Boi Box was amaze…natch… my drag dad Adam All was THE MOST AMAZING FAWN IN EXISTENCE…and my drag-mum Apple was a fairy queen who conversed with the crowd in Elvish!  I was mildly pleased with my Gandalf costume, mildly.  Here are the photos by the incredibly talented and delicious Emma Bailey.

More when more’s abound!


life is a cabaret old chum…life is a ca-ba-retttttttt *jazz hands*

Back on the drag king train in the next couple of weeks!  it’s FOLKLORE themed at the next Boi Box featuring my ever so talented drag mum and dad Apple and Adam…they’re so gorgeous!

I’ve been getting all my costume together.  I’ve chosen to go as Gandalf coz Mr Tumnus/fawn was already taken.  Doing a medley so having to put together the songs on a music editing program.  Am going for MAXIMUM COMEDY with this one.  I decided that if I laugh at myself just thinking about the absurdity of it…other people will also laugh too…That’s the theory anyway.

Sometimes it helps to re-evaluate..things…life generally but definitely as a musician.  Concentrating on the good things and doing the things that make you happy.  PEE EM AYY….  get in my belly.  😀

Not much to say this time.

Catch you on the flipside!


3, 2, 1 – you’re back in the room

Back once again!  I am clearly the renegade master!

Musicalness news…  Bilamie is no more.  We’re still going to release the album in a couple of months once we’ve had it mastered.  Musical differences, etc, etc.  Move on. Everyone’s happy.


Not really done too much over the Christmas period.  Thinking now I can concentrate on getting my vocal chops up and sending vocals to producers…kinda like what Sia does.  I think she’s AMAZING…  Another lady I like is Peaches, she’s friggin awesome.  I’d like to think I could be as daring as her musically…I wonder if she writes all on her own, I’ll bet she does…  Writing alone can be daunting because it can be nice to have someone to do it with…  but then again I’ve written songs on my own for a VERY LONG TIME so it’s a case of having the time and inclination.

Am debating starting a rock band.  I have some members lined up…a drummer is elusive though…not for lack of actually knowing them though…I know plenty…they’re just all busy and/or taken.  tbh bands are a bit like hard work anyway.

Am looking at doing live vocals at dance shows and things…I think I’d like that.  All I have to carry with me is my voice.

Looking at doing a couple of studio software courses.  Might be good.

Short and sweet(ish) this week.

All the best lovelies!  Let’s get back on that horse shall we!?  😀

3 gigs, 1 week

So last week I did THREE DIFFERENT KINDS OF GIG…  Tired now.

Gig 1: was a Bilagig at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall.  Really lovely crowd, the organisers were super nice to us.  The sound was alright as well which was nice.

My first experience taking the mailing list round, got a little shock when I asked someone if I could interest them in signing our mailing list after our gig…she just looked at me and said ‘no, sorry’…I was a bit taken aback…my old drummer used to go round and do all the merch stuff in my previous band and we’d discussed about how you have to have mile thick skin to actually do it…So many people can be rude…

The lass in question wasn’t an ay-hole I was just a bit shocked coz she’d been jigging along during the gig and looked like she was getting into it…ah well, you live, you learn.  Kinda made me just want to sit down and shut up though afterwards but I think maybe next time we can just tell them it’s there if they want to sign it…maybe…

It’s useful to go round talking to people though, and there was lots of people there who were very complimentary and did sign up for us to tell them about gigs etc.

Gig 2: was a drag king gig!  I do enjoy my drag gigs.  It was at my fave drag night in London BOi BOX at She bar in Soho.   I dressed as Guy Fawkes (which was lucky considering it was Bonfire night) and apparently there was some discussion in the room about whether I was showing love for the pilgrims at thanksgiving (right era anyway) or if I was infact a leprechaun (it’s definitely feesible either way!)  I did explain that I was Guy Fawkes though.  Then they knew.  I did Boom, Shake the room by Will Smith and I got a good response so that was nice.  The place was packed which was extra spesh.  No doubt I shall whack some pics on soon.

Gig 3: was actually an open mic night.  I went with my good friend and we both took a turn at doing 3 songs a piece.  The host was lovely and there was some REALLY talented people there…you don’t get that at every open mic…  We’re all just expressing ourselves though, so judging one person by another is never really a good idea.

Kindof made me think like, open mic’s are really good places to meet and support other musicians.  I’d say about a quarter of the audience was actually musicians that were getting up to play.  It was nice.  I get annoyed when people leave straight after they’ve played.  Didn’t really suffer from that on this night though.

It was at the Victoria pub in Highgate.  Good night.

Recommended by the je.  That was totes French.

Time to get the onesie on!

Bonsoir mais ami!  Till the next time. xxx