Well, well… well.

Ok, so, the music’s done – the recording, and mixing, but there’s still one final process and that’s the mastering.  It’s important to get mastering done because it really does make the difference between an amateur sounding recording and a professional sounding one.  Generally, mastering is done by specialist mastering engineers but it can also be done by a skillful mixer if they know what they’re doing.  Most of the literature I’ve read and teachers I’ve spoken to have said that it’s better to get a fresh pair of ears to finish off your song.  Many places do a free sample of one of your own tracks to see if you’d like the whole thing done!  I could talk a lot about mastering, but I won’t…let’s just say it’s the icing on the cake.

The last gig we did was…dire…  The soundman was nice but the desk wasn’t set up to get loud…Whenever the lovely soundman tried to push up our vocals or the laptop it was feeding back.  It was so quiet…  It’s not professional to cry on stage though so we soldiered on.

One thing I remember someone told me a while ago about his old band that were similar was that, the kind of act we are, we’re completely at the mercy of the soundman and the sound system. It brings up a question myself and Web were asking in that…is it better to do fewer, better gigs?  Or to open yourself up to doing more gigs that might not portray you in the best light?  There’s pro’s and cons for both.. More gigs means more exposure, assuming it’s good exposure, and the place is set up right for your style…Less gigs means perhaps more incentive for ‘fans’ to come to your gigs as they’re not as often?  At the moment we’re trying to do at least one gig every two weeks…  Except before and after Christmas where we’re only doing the one in those months.

I ordered some merch!  Bottle opening keyrings!  3 different designs.  Also in the process of looking at getting badges done in the same designs.  It’s possible there’s too much detail on the designs for them to look good on a 1″ badge though but time will tell.  bflybadge

This is the butterfly design.  Web’s friend that lives in Ireland designed it and I computerised it (it was hand-drawn).  It’s a butterfly with a jack cable for a bum!  Amazin’.

Ok, that’s enough for today.

Peace out campers! xxx


Brave New World ‘n’ that

Hello again!

We have another gig coming up!  Apparently it’s more of an open mic kindof affair than a proper gig but we’re still gonna go there and give it a million and 1 percent etc…no harm no foul.  I printed off some cd’s we can sell for £2 that have 4 tracks on… 50p per track!  that’s not even counting printing and cases!  Seems fair to me.  Also been looking at a bunch of merchandise…been thinking about putting out our album on USB Wristband… sounds FRIGGIN ACE to me!  As well as CD.  A lot of stuff depends on cost etc.

I recorded a vocal for a DJ called Beatman (real name Stefano).  I was introduced to him by Web and it took me like 2 months to get round to actually recording it but I think it was alright.  If anything comes from it I shall for sure be linking to it on this here site here!  I warmed up singing karaoke for half an hour beforehand and it REALLY improved my performance over the previous attempts I made.  My favourite karaoke tracks are 90’s based I think, I’ll sing anything I know the melody too though, and sometimes the ones I don’t…and then I stop halfway through and change it.

You can really work on certain areas of your voice though just by picking different songs.  Bit of Kate Bush for head voice (If you’re feeling adventurous), a really good one for blasting in high chest voice is Taylor Dane’s – Tell it to my Heart.  My singing teacher at uni, who’s kindof more of a mate these days, would tell me that a warm-up is not supposed to sound good, and that you shouldn’t push your voice too much during a warmup…You’d think it was self-explanatory, not to my little self though, at least I know now though.

Am learning more about human interaction and stuff, like, which battles are worth fighting and which should probably just be left, assuming it’s not really worth fighting about.  Am not very good at deciding though…  Learning slowly I guess.

I wrote a melody for DJ Effekttz sometime ago and I’ve decided to pad it out with my guitar so I can play it live at open mics etc.  This song is at 175bpm though because it’s Drum and Bass!  I mean like…that’s FAST for me to play to!  Start slow and get faster as you get more used to it.  That’s the plan anyway!  I get really bored really quickly if I can’t do something but if you don’t persevere you’ll never do it!

I nearly threw my printer in the bin the other day because it’s been p**sing around!  My iMac did a driver update and all of a sudden my printer can’t print because I use compatibles…HOLD ON you might say, STOP BEING A CHEAPSKATE AND BUY GENUINE INKS…  Well you’re WRONG  I say.  TEN YEARS, I’ve always used compatibles…  TEN YEARS and they haven’t let me down yet!!!  I know my warrantee’s void…I know this!  My choice is compatibles because the price is so damned expensive for genuine!  Anyways, I printed the cd’s off.  So that’s what matters.  😀

Toodle pip for now xxxx

4th one for the first time!

JOYyyy,  I’ve had to put my blog on a new WordPress site because for some reason my old one wasn’t working as a widget on my new website…Hopefully the issues are SOLVED now so normal service can resume.

I’m sat here listening to some of the cheesiest and most beautiful 80’s pop songs EVER.  I love them, there’s no getting away from it.  I’m listening on Spotify.  The weird thing about Spotify is that I love it, even though it’s blatantly ripping musicians off left right and centre, I like having free music.  It’s £5 a month I think because I don’t like the adverts but still…cheap as chips!!  I love discovering new music.  I have an app on my phone (it’s a Windows phone but don’t tell anybody)  and it’s like Last.fm basically.  You pick one or a few artists you like listening to, and it suggests similar artists.  Am finding music I never would have found before…Maybe it will make me buy an album one day?  Or even a song?  I can’t say at the moment…I’d like to think that being a musician I’d have a bit of empathy with other musicians, I’m a child of the Napster boom though, it gave us all the wrong idea!!

ANYHOO.  So me and Web finished the album!!!  Not TOTALLY, totally but just needs to be mastered now.  Then it’s artwork.  Then it’s cd duplication.  At the moment we’re looking at giving it away for free…YES FREE, as a download on tinterweb…full quality n everything!  we’ll be selling the hardcopy though…it costs us money to make it!  Seems fair to me.  Everything’s still to be decided properly though.

We did a really good gig the other day for the Fearless Females night.  Loads of mates came, we were really well received and we met some really lovely musicians as well as hearing some really good music!!  WIN!

I need to fashion a projector screen.  Am going to get a black sheet (black sheet for a projector?!? MADNESS I HEAR YOU SAY!)  it worked at the last gig but it may be because the room was also dark, not sure how well it would work in a lighter room…We shall see.

I bought a box of safety pins in case the room we’re playing in has a curtain we can pin it to…I have…a cunning plan, to create small plastic discs which I will sew onto the corners of the sheet…and probably the middle of one edge.  Onto these discs we can place either blu-tack, or what may be stronger, those double sided sticky pad things…if you get the right ones they’re WELL hardcore…  I’m so lazy…  this has to be done before the next gig though as I know for sure they have neither projector nor screen.  Me and Web call these “Bila-challenges”.  You can pretty much just put Bila on the front of anything and it can be related to whatever we’re talking about…This Bila-story for example, or the Bila-sheet I’ll be making.

This post has gone on too long!!

Adios amigos!  Till next time!  xxxx


3rd one…again

Got a Glastonbury ticket for 2015!!  Courtesy of my good friend Daniel (The Spanish Spaniel -From Spain-).  Joy!  Now I just have to figure out how to get there when it comes around but that’s a story for another day.

The Bilamie album is two shakes of a lambs tail away from being finished!  We’re working on the ever contentious ‘Mirroring’ today.  After that we just need to go through the other tunes and check them for the final time.

I went to a really good open mic at Bar Titania in London last week.  Run by my mates Sam Dee and Alice!  Really friendly atmos.  Talented, supportive hosts.  Beautiful.  Juan did another gig at Boi Box as well, that was fun, always love my drag dad and mum Adam All and Apple Derrieres.

Short and sweet this week!  Off to the studio for some crying, gnashing of teeth and a bit of mixing!

Woop Woop


2nd one! Double twice!

So this time, trying to stay musiccy and positive. Need to get out and meet a million more musicians, it’s called networking but that’s such a dirty word!! Makes you feel all slimy n that, so I’ll just call it…making new friends… much nicer right?!

Working on some visuals for the next Bilamie gig at The Gunners pub in Highbury, London. I want them to be relevant to the songs lyrical content if possible, needless to say I bought a Frankenstein suit and that should hopefully come into play at some point. I should clarify, we use a projector at our gigs, trying to create more of a show and an atmosphere etc.

I’ve had this blog since 2005 and completely forgotten about it!! Had to delete the old posts coz they weren’t relevant to the music maaaaan.

I have ideas, of online livestreamed gigs n such. I shall continue cognating it and get back to you.

Planning on going to an open mic this Thursday, should probably check with the organiser that it’s still on etc. Web’s just finished a gig in SPAIN the little sod…am well jel, and yet well proud at the same time, conflicting emotions are beautiful aren’t they?! ;-D

I have sent another vocal to DJ Effektz and he’s once again produced a wicked DnB track which I shall link to in the near future!! Deliciousness maximo!

Brap brap


First one!…for the second time…

This week I ar been mostly working on things to do with Bilamie! Deliciousness.

Me and Web don’t always agree in the mixing room, there’s more often than not tense silences, crying and banging fists on the wall melodramatically but now it seems this period may be past us! It seems to me like we know better how to work together now. Maybe that’s just me chillin’ the eff out though…not sure. Either way things are going really well with the debut Bilamie album!

There’s one song though…one song, It’s called Mirroring…I was given the song, it was a Web production in the first instance, and I basically turned it on it’s head and made it a hot mess… A hot mess that pleased me however…but unfortunately not Web. This song’s being left till the end to be ‘dealt with’ as we shall eventually see fit.

We released our first song from the album, mostly just to have something to show prospective people we can get gigs from etc but it’s called Friendly Fire and it can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/bilamie.

We’ve been recording and mixing this album for the past year pretty much so it’ll be nice to finally get it out all pretty with artwork. It’s due out sometime before Christmas. Excitement!